First-Gen Parent/Family Information

A special welcome to you from Pirate Nation!  We know that you have provided your student guidance, encouragement, and support throughout their life that has brought them to ECU.  This continued support will be an important factor in their college success.

ECU partners with parents and family members and wants to support them by providing information and resources.  Check out the links below!

  • Parent and Family Portal – This is your one-stop shop for information about what is happening at ECU. You can personalize your experience and receive newsletters, email announcements from ECU, view your student’s information, and join communities based on your interests, including a community for First Generation!
  • Spanish Speaking Staff – Spanish speaking staff are available to assist parents and families whose first language is Spanish.
  • ECU and Academic Terms – This glossary can provide definitions for many of the terms used at ECU.
  • Visit our Resources page for information that can be helpful for both first-gen students and family members!